Sunday, 19 January 2014

One Week on Linux Mint - Is It Time To Ditch Windows?

Every Sunday I perform by weekly backups. It's a good habit I've gotten into recently. I back up a Truecrypt container of my personal data (excluding media, which is just too big).

Ordinarily I would do this from my XP machine but I stopped using XP last week. So this week marks the first week I need to do that from my new Linux box!

I guess the process will be much the same. I'm still not fully "migrated" to Linux. I have, on purpose, not saved too much data to this installation. I still feel like XP is my "base".

I know this cannot change overnight. It's likely that I will go some time, maybe 6 months, before I fully do. In fact, I am starting to think that I will never fully move away from Windows and, anyway, why should I? I think it's a state of perfection many are trying to reach for no really good reason other than a sense of accomplishment.

Let's face it: a great many programs (including open source) are made only for Windows. And because I use my brain and actually think before I click, I don't ever get viruses on Windows anyway so there's no reason there for me to abandon it.

My ideal situation would be to invest in another machine or two in the near future so I can have separate Windows and Linux machines (without having to swap hard drives out) as well as a spare for trying out new distros.

Linux is great, I love it. But there's no such thing as the perfect OS. And there's no reason not to enjoy multiple operating systems either.

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