Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Mac Fan Noisy

I know almost nothing about Macs, in fact I still hate the way they appear to have only one mouse button! In fact, you can control them like two buttons but it still looks and feels like one!

Anyway, we have some Macs at work although I don't support them much. We do have a spare, old one lying around. It runs a very old version of Mac OS X, I think Tiger or Leopard or something.

Anyway, I had to reset the admin password on this Mac. Incredibly, you can do that quite easily and gain access to the computer. I see this as very poor security. PCs don't let you do that unless you have access to a special password reset boot disc.

Anyway, the Mac was very noisy with the fan on many occasions. It turns out that to stop this you need to pull the plug from the Mac, wait a few seconds and then put it back in and turn it back on again. Simply turning it off and then turning it on (while leaving the cable in) doesn't work!

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