Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mount ISO Without Reboot

I had a machine to rebuild at work. I put the OS on and started to install applications again. I tried to install MS Office 2007 (yes, we are behind the times!) from a network location but the install just gave up after barely a minute. Seems the install files were corrupt or something.

So I decided to download Office 2007 again, from the official Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center. This is a site you can log into to get your product keys and downloadable software for which you are licensed.

Unfortunately, only an ISO was available. I like ISOs, they are nice and self-contained but I did not want to burn a disc and nor did I want to install iso mounting software on the user's PC. So I needed to install the iso mounting software on my own PC, mount the ISO and copy the mounted files into the network location from where I could try installing again.

I installed Daemon Tools, my usual favorite, and when it finished it wanted me to reboot the PC! I know for most of you that is not a problem but the computer I've inherited at work takes an age to boot up, plus I had a lot of apps opened.

Luckily, I found a freeware program online that could not only mount ISOs but would do it without requiring a reboot: MagicISO. It was just what I needed and worked perfectly!

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