Monday, 13 January 2014

7zip Linux Download

I use 7zip on the PC. It's the best zip program out there, miles better than Winzip, plus it's free.

Luckily, it also exists for Linux. It's hard to wade your way through the tons of different installers but if you have Linux Mint then either go to the software repository or go here for the pzip i386 (32-bit system) Debian installer in .deb format (this is basically a nice installer package).

Personally, I like to download files so I can install them again without having to download a ton of files (my internet connection is quite slow).

The file in question is p7zip-full_9.20.1~dfsg.1-4_i386.deb. Download it then double click it to install.

Yes, you can run it on the command line. Or just use the GUI and right click files/folders to create archives. Among other compression formats available will include zip and 7z, the latter is unique to zip.

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