Friday, 21 February 2014

Not Enough Server Storage Is Available To Process This Command - Large File Copy Problem

At work we were trying to copy a huge file across the network from one server to another. It was around 30 or 40 gig if I remember correctly.

The file transfer kept failing part way through. The error was "not enough server storage is available to process this command".

Of course, that was completely bull, there was at least twice that amount of space free on the destination disk.

That copy was attempted using Windows Explorer. I next tried one of my favourite utilities, Microsoft's RoboCopy.

Again, the transfer conked out.

I looked around and heard that RichCopy could do the job. It's an internal Microsoft developed copying utility. It's very powerful despite using a gui. It features a really cheesy 90s-style splash screen too!

Anyway, it worked great and the copy was successful. I will definitely keep Rich Copy in my toolkit from now on.

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