Saturday, 8 February 2014

Linux Unzip z01 z02 Files Extract

I recently downloaded a couple of files from the internet that were spanned zip file volumes. One had the extension .zip and the other .z01.

I right clicked these and clicked "extract" but Archive Manager couldn't work with them. I used the unzip command and the same happened - all I got were reports of errors with the zip file.

The first time I figured that the original zip might be corrupted for any number of reasons. But when this happened again, I knew it was no coincidence.

Pretty dumb that Linux can't handle these zips very easily but I do understand that zip is not a usual format for Linux.

Luckily, I found the solution here.

The last poster explained that if you have files such as, coolapp.z01, coolapp.zo2 etc. then you can unzip them by typing into a Terminal window:

zip -F --output

This command will convert the individual volumes into a single volume called This itself can then be unzipped in the usual way.


  1. Cool, that worked like a blast!
    Have been looking for ages to try and solve this problem, but till now found nothing that worked. So always had to start up Windows, just to unzip the file....crazyness!

    Big thanks for this explanation!!

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