Saturday, 8 February 2014

Disable Remote Registry - Is It Safe To Disable The Remote Registry In Services?

One of our servers was taking up a lot of resources i.e. memory.

One of the top entries was for svchost.exe which means one of the services.

Now you can trace the source by right clicking and one of the options (I forget which one!) takes you to the source service responsible. In this case it was Remote Registry.

Now what is Remote Registry? Services.msc tells you it is a service that allows you to connect to the registry from another machine. Disabling it just stops this remote connectivity.

Personally, I use this facility a lot. I find it much easier to fire up my own regedit and go to "connect to another computer" than to log directly into the server concerned.

Note that disabling this service will also prevent you connecting to event logs and services in the same way, even though the description doesn't say as much.

Unless you never work remotely in this way, I don't recommend disabling Remote Registry. But it certainly doesn't hurt at all to do so if you want to, for whatever reason.

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