Friday, 21 February 2014

Larger Icons RDS - Increase Text Size RDS

We run an RDS environment on Server 2008 R2, a not uncommon combination, at least for now.

One thing we've found is that it's not easy to change the font size in Windows. Right-click the desktop and the display properties are locked down.

They can be changed for individuals by editing the registry but it's a bit overkill for what you're trying to achieve.

In the end I found a great utility online that will allow you to run it while on RDS and change your font size bigger or smaller using a slider bar.

I learned about it from this thread on the Citrix forums: (the display settings can't be changed from a remote session).

The guy who posted it (Mark Prigg) said it was co-developed with Microsoft. You can download the tool directly here.

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