Saturday, 15 February 2014

Exchange 2003 Change Quota

That's right - where I work we are still in the Dark Ages and using Exchange 2003!

I guess basic email is pretty simple when you think about it, and I have no complaints about how it does that, still strong over a decade later. Even my last client used Exchange 2003 too.

I had a call from someone who couldn't send or receive emails. Naturally, they had hit their quota again. Previously, I had told people that the quota policy was uniform and couldn't be changed.

But then I discovered that you can actually override it on an individual basis. Simply log into the Exchange server and fire up the Exchange enabled Active Directory. Find the user, right click, properties. Go to the "Exchange General" tab, click the "Storage Limits" button and change it to whatever you want.

There is, however, a 2GB hard limit in Exchange 2003. In my case, the guy was already close to this. I gave him another 100 meg but told him he had to delete some email urgently and there would be nothing I could no for him if it happened again.

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