Saturday, 8 February 2014

How to Read Product Key XP - Portable

I had 100% legitimate cause at work recently to get the XP key from a machine. It was an OEM machine mounted in a server rack with no way to access the exterior sticker.

I wanted a portable program because I did not want to touch the registry. I really hate the Windows registry, the less I would be required to "touch" the system, the better.

I found a couple of good candidates. One of which was "Jelly Bean". However, I was dismayed to discover that the install wasn't portable at all, at least not for the free version anyway.

Instead, I found something better: winkeyfinder.

If you run the install, it will dump the contents into a folder. You need only the main program .exe file, however. You can get rid of the rest and then copy this single .exe to a usb stick or direct to the server and then run it from there.

It will display the XP key, product key and more. You can modify values with it. It even works for Vista and Windows 7.

As I mentioned, I had 100% legitimate cause to do this at work. Do not use this application for anything other than 100% legal, bona-fide reasons.

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