Friday, 1 February 2013

How To Kill Remote Desktop Sessions Remotely

How To Kill Remote Desktop Sessions Remotely

Windows lets you connect with only 2 admin licenses to a server and 1 to a desktop.

If you connect with the same username, it will disconnect the other person. But if you connect with a different username and the other person has disconnected without logging off then the system won't let you on.

UNLESS you disconnect the session remotely. There are two ways to do it.

First way is to use the command line, programs query.exe to view the sessions and reset.exe to kill them (sometimes also known as qwinsta.exe and rwinsta.exe).

A good article on this here:

Alternatively, you can install Remote Desktop Services Manager (formerly Terminal Services Manager) a.k.a. tsadmin.msc.

To do this you need to install Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) from the Microsoft site. Then you need to go into Control Panel to enable these newly installed "Windows features".

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