Thursday, 14 February 2013

Being Treated Like A Slave In IT Support

It's true that I'm very sensitive to how people treat me (what they say, their attitude etc.). I sense the meaning in everything that people do, I'm a very justice orientated person and believe in being treated fairly. This is definitely not the job for me.

Today was typical of how some users can be.

I built a laptop for someone, put on Windows 7 and tons of drivers and apps, took me half a day.

I took the laptop to them this morning and said "here's your laptop, let's run through it" and she said "oh, can you wait 10 minutes".

You see, people treat IT like we are waiting staff. Like we should wait on them till they're ready. It's a master-slave attitude and I hate it. And at the same time, we must normally dress like white collar workers, while still getting paid barely a touch above blue collar wages.

And that is why IT Support is a crap job.

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