Tuesday, 12 August 2014

KACE Batch File Managed Install Script

There are two main ways to deploy software with a K1000 box. There are Managed Installations and Scripts.

The former is for recognised applications (think of popular software). The latter is for batch files and other types of scripts.

You can run an entire batch file or instead you can split it up. For example, if your batch files modifies the registry and stops and start services then you can let KACE do this for you instead of using the full batch file.

Whether you need to use some or more of your batch file, I recommend turning off the OS selection criteria and leaving the other options as open-ended as possible.

Why? Because I started off with quite stringent criteria and I scratched my head like crazy trying to figure it all out! In the end, I left most of the options as the default and suddenly it started to work!

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