Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Blackberry Activation OpenMsg Store Failed

Someone was trying to activate a Blackberry at work. The device was formerly owned by someone else so the SIM/telecoms account/device were already confirmed working. It was clearly a problem tied only to the user.

Now the user turned out to be new and that was a big clue.

I got this error of openmsg store failed 0x8004011d. I actually forget whether it was on the device or in the log files on the Blackberry server. I think it was the latter.

In any case, the fact this user was new was a big clue. In Exchange 2010 (and possibly other versions), you have to enable Blackberry communication on the store level. This new person was in a newly assigned store where we had forgot to make this critical configuration change.

It was a simple change in the end and after that, the activation worked!

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