Wednesday, 23 January 2013

When IT/Technical Support Makes You Lose Your Self-Respect

Yet another reason why I hate this job.

Today I installed a printer for a senior manager.

There I am, picking up a heavy machine and lugging it downstairs, getting on my knees then under the desk to install it.

People talk to you like you have a hole in your head and are lacking in intelligence. It's partly my fault that I ended up doing this but this type of relationship is much the same in all support roles as opposed to "producer" roles.

It would be one thing if I were paid a fortune. Heck, I'll carry boxes all day long if you pay me £100,000, I could not care less!

But when you're generally low paid and treated by others like a blue collar worker then it's pretty demeaning and you end up losing your own self respect too.

Little wonder then that so many people working in IT Support get fat, dress badly and don't exactly have an abundance of women. Others treat them as "low class" and the treatment makes one lose one's respect for one's self. This only reinforces the treatment.

It's a vicious circle and a reminder of why I must get out of this industry, long term. I am formulating a plan to get into development, for which I will need my Masters in Computer Science. Basically, I am saving up money.

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