Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Citrix Error: You Need More Memory Or System Resources - Outlook Error - Cause: Roaming Profiles Issue

Where I work, people use Citrix Metaframe/Gateway apps that are on our Citrix servers. Think of it as 4 huge desktops being shared simultaneously by hundreds.

Today someone got the error when opening Outlook of "You Need More Memory Or System Resources".

I did some googling and found out that it's a corruption issue of some sort. Not with the mail profile (if you try and get into Mail Config you will get an "out of memory" error). I was prepared to take out the registry hives for Outlook under the SID for this person in HKUsers but I read it could also be a corrupt profile issue.

In the end, I renamed his profile from our Citrix servers (running 2003 so located in "documents and settings") then renamed his roaming profile on the main server (location given in his AD entry).

It worked. He was like a brand new employee at the firm and could access his mail once again. He lost any customizations he had made though. A small price to pay.

Citrix Error:  - Outlook Error - Cause: Roaming Profiles Issue

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